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Daily Solution: The UN

Mikhial Slayton has reminded me that it is vital for me to post an actual solution to something every day.

So, here’s one: Help the UN do peacekeeping.

As this article notes, the UN is presently doing massive peacekeeping in Somalia.

That has had a tremendous effect: Mogadishu is seeing actual culture emerge, while violence against children has plummeted.

Yet in this country, the UN is demonized. And, sure, the UN does arguably have some serious operational problems. That sounds like the kind of thing that US military advisers could do something about.

But even US admirals have admitted that the US has itself often made things far worse (as in Somalia) and that “Sometimes in the United States we spend more time beating the United Nations up than we do figuring out how we can influence it and make it a more capable organization”.

Or we could let Russia illegally bomb groups fighting ISIS while giving them free propaganda.

If we improved the situation in the Congo or Somalia, if our forces were leading targeted peacekeeping missions under international auspices led by people from the region who actually knew what was going on, does anyone really believe we’d see more terrorism?