We’re Coming: An Open Letter to Disappointed Bernie Supporters

To people bummed about Bernie’s diminishing chances:

Even if he doesn’t get the nomination, we already won. Even if Hillary doesn’t get indicted, we already won.

This was a campaign that got even Morning Joe saying that the greatest thing in the world that someone can say is “Nobody owns me”. Bernie said to the establishment: “Cheat like you want, scream at me all you want, you don’t own me”. We broke the Democratic and the Republican elite. They don’t get to be in charge anymore. They can elect their crappy candidate, and no one can pretend anymore that it has anything to do with that candidate being better. He screamed to the biggest political machine in history, “You don’t scare me. Maybe you’ll beat me but you won’t silence me”. He said that institutional racism and sexism exist on national television and the world didn’t crumble. He said Netanyahu wasn’t always right and the sky didn’t fall.

People got taught this year what it looks like to be unafraid. They got shown what it feels like to have a candidate on each side look them in the face and say “I don’t have image consultants, I’m going to tell you what’s on my mind”. In Trump’s case, what’s on his mind is awful, sleazy and dishonest, but it’s not rehearsed and it’s not a stage show. In Bernie’s case, what’s on his mind is based on a lifetime of belief.

This is the first year in decades we had anything resembling a democracy. In Florida, we have a Republican who refuses to pay to the RNC’s extortion racket going up against a Democrat who’s (just as Bernie did) funding himself by small donors. They’re having salient conversations about everything from global warming to campaign finance reform. Just like any true resistance movement, we liberated the other side. Republicans are going to start coming out and pulling a Boehner: “I’m tired of being bought, I’m tired of being unable to do anything because screaming people think that democracy is a game, I’m tired of everything being hopeless”.

Watch out in 2018, and 2020, and 2022: The people are coming. The house of cards that the establishment media, the pundits, the parties and the donors built was never that stable, and the first foundation came down.

We said “We’re coming for Citizens United. We’re coming for your party structure. We’re coming after your media”. And the RNC and the DNC were powerless to stop people from trying. And now the DNC doesn’t understand it when Bernie says (to paraphrase), “Even if I wanted to tell people who support me to vote for someone, they wouldn’t listen and they shouldn’t. They’re not my followers, they’re my allies”. They don’t understand that some people’s voices can’t be bought. And the more people who realize how good that feels, and how policy-making actually works when people with strong opinions who don’t give up their values have a conversation and come up with a win-win, the more that their control will fade.

Millennials are patient. The young are patient. The people are patient. We swallowed an economy that didn’t work and a political system that trampled us and we survived. We don’t believe capitalism is an unmitigated good and we know how to Google someone’s lies when they are dishonest to our face.

We won’t give up. And because the other side has no idea what integrity means, they’ll break first.