While I do disagree with my friend’s argument here that suicide used to be less likely (as the statistics just don’t show that), I think her call is important and I want to share her courage.


As a child, I grew up in a world where bullying wasn’t spoke about. It was just kids being kids. You weren’t liked if you didn’t have someone calling you names or pushing you around. Even back then I knew it was wrong, but what was I going to do? Be a little tattle tell? No of course not. I was going to be the kid that took it, over came it, and made something of myself from it.

I don’t think anyone back then thought of suicide as an option to end bullying. In fact suicide wasn’t even prevalent back in my school. And if it was, it wasn’t talked about. But today, it seems as if suicide is a new fad to ending everything. It is such a strong solution to a temporary situation. I implore parents to teach their children to speak up and how to defend…

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