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Iran Agreement and Hypocrisy

Today, another step was made that may lead us away from destruction. And yet, the hypocrisy that we allow to run rampant may defeat the whole point.

The U.S. and Iran are apparently moving toward an agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear stockpiles. Phyllis Bennis states, “Both sides made major concessions, though it appears Iran’s are far greater. Tehran accepted that U.S. and EU sanctions will not be lifted until after the UN’s watchdog agency verifies that Iran has fully implemented its new nuclear obligations — which could be years down the line. It agreed to severe cuts in its nuclear infrastructure, including the reduction of its current 19,000 centrifuges for enriching uranium to just over 6,000”.

This is a good thing. No state should have nuclear weapons.

None. Including us.

You’ve probably heard a lot of coverage today. Ask yourself if these simple, largely uncontested facts were mentioned:

a) The United States maintains a massive stockpile of nuclear arms, decades after signing a treaty (the Non-Proliferation Treaty) that mandates proactive steps toward disarmament for all nuclear-armed signatories
b) Iran has a right under the NPT to pursue civilian nuclear power
c) Iran has been repeatedly threatened by the United States and Israel
d) Israel is nuclear-armed and the U.S. remains its ally

So, you now have a good measure of the hypocrisy of every American news channel, of Israeli and American politicians, and a measure of how little any of them care about basic honesty or about actually avoiding nuclear warfare. You also have a clear understanding of how rarely non-American perspectives get to be on the news in this country.

If Americans can’t even articulate the question as to why we deserve apocalypse-level stockpiles, let alone answer it… Why in God’s name should anyone take us seriously?

Our President stated in a press conference that this is a move toward a “less aggressive” Iran. Yes, now perhaps only one of the parties at that bargaining table will be so aggressive as to have invaded countries within the last fifteen years and overthrown their governments!

A Republican Senator, Isaakson, stated in an interview with NPR that Iran has dealt weapons in the region. (How horrible that any state would profit from the sale of weapons to dangerous powers. Surely, Halliburton has never done so. It surely isn’t American-made armaments that are tearing apart Mexico and empowering dictators and warlords, right?)

Unfortunately, no state will enforce sanctions on the United States. It’s up to us to get rid of our nukes.