Boo, Hillary. Boo.

So Sarah Silverman and Al Franken got booed by Bernie supporters at the DNC, chanting “Bernie!” in response to her effort to get us to be proud of voting Hillary.
I appreciate the effort Sarah is making to try to defeat Trump. I do. I was never a diehard #BernieOrBust guy. 
Just today, I had someone point out to me how Hillary’s record as a feminist, in pushing education, in It Takes A Village, and elsewhere are impressive. And the RNC had made me sympathize with her massively.
But as I listened, I realized that the DNC doesn’t have a leg to stand on. 
Hillary didn’t make Bernie the VP. She didn’t do that despite the fact that she clearly knew about the collusion between her and the campaign. She gambled on us not finding out.
The Democratic Party wants us to vote for them when they loudly indicated that they didn’t want our vote. Sure, perhaps Bernie might have lost either way. But in this world, we didn’t get to find that out, because the Democratic Party didn’t want to let their members decide. They want us to be happy to be in a rigged game.
And they want us to vote for them to avert Trump, but they don’t want to earn our vote. They don’t want to actually apologize for what happened in any systemic way or rectify it. Nor do they want to actually do the work to get progressives.
Want my vote, Hillary? Earn it. Energize me like Bernie. Because you intentionally stole my opportunity to see him try for it. #jillstein2016

2 thoughts on “Boo, Hillary. Boo.

  1. I agree fully that your vote should be earned. But how does voting for Stein help? She’s not even on the ballot in most states, and voting Green helps elect Trump. Because our “first past the post” system so heavily favors the two majors, Green votes are in effect ones subtracted from the Democrats, just as Libertarian votes are ones taken from the Republicans.

    I’ve voted eleven times. Half the time it was for someone, half to block someone I thought was dangerously detrimental. It’s one of those “vote against” years.

    • arekexcelsior says:

      I live in California. There is roughly a snowball’s chance in hell it goes Trump. My position changes somewhat with that variable altered, but then I raise even more hell afterward. After all, the fact that the DNC ran someone so unpalatable this year is also an argument to discourage them from doing that.

      As for the reasoning:

      First, it’s a signal to the Democratic Party in a way that non-voting is not. It says, “I am a progressive. Earn my vote”.

      Second, it builds an alternative. Without an alternative, the DNC has no incentive to do anything but go for the precise median.

      Third, if they know that they can count on our vote, it becomes iteratively worse. “Lesser evil” voting, as Stein points out, actually helps create people like Trump.

      Fourth, if third parties grow in prominence, it will actually change the political landscape. If we could get Gary or Jill on the stage at a debate, that alone would expose people to new ideas.

      The only argument that sticks as far as Trump goes with me is that he has to be beaten decisively so the nation can be seen to reject white supremacy. That’s the only

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