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Trump Will Be The Golf President

Trump wants to be the CEO President. What that means is the golf President.

It’s not just that electing Trump would be electing a shadow President, with the VP doing all the “foreign and domestic policy” duty. It’s not just that, contrary to those who want to vote the guy in to burn the country down, we would ultimately just get a pretty standard far right-wing Presidency because his advisors will all be far-right.

It’s that we’ve already seen that Trump can’t delegate worth a damn. Put aside his failing businesses. His campaign, right now, is a traffic pileup. He couldn’t manage a shoe store. From Lewandowski’s ignoble ejection to the fact that they’re struggling to pay people to the infamous Iowa debacle where he didn’t realize you need to actually get your supporters to talk to actual human beings to get out the vote, he’s proven that he isn’t a good delegater. Trump creates vacuums of leadership that lead to confusion in the ranks rather than exemplary development.

He’s a terrible boss. Whatever would make him a good President?


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