“This isn’t Islam” – Well, yeah … it kinda is!

My take on this is somewhat different, but her point here is a colossal challenge and it’s one that is done without the racism and fear that is nearly omnipresent on the issue.

My comment is:

It is Islam.

It’s not intrinsically Islam.

That word, “intrinsically”, is the entire crux.

It’s the difference between viewing people as some subhuman cult of barbarians or viewing them as people, who are capable both of succumbing to the politics of fear and of rising above to their better angels.

It seems like a subtle distinction. But it’s the biggest distinction imaginable. It’s the distinction between viewing people as souls with rights and feelings and fears and the viewing people as dangerous robots out there to hurt us.

The Streets of Gotham

Last year I suppose not many of us have been spared the news of one terrorist attack or the other at some point. Predominantly France has been the focus of terrorists as well as – in return – the media of course.

People who keep their eyes and ears open also couldn’t avoid horrific news about literal campaigns of murder, torture, rape and displacement by IS and Boko Haram (as the most infamous currently) as well as many other organizations supporting “the caliphate”.

The latest big incident (over here) was New Year’s Eve this year, when several hundred (more than a thousand total is the estimate) of men in several major cities in Germany (such as Cologne and Frankfurt) ganged up in groups of about a dozen men each group and sexually harassed and assaulted women.

(More on that later)

Equally hard to avoid were disturbing developments in Gaza as…

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