Conservative Hypocrisy: This Time, It’s the Wall Street Journal… on Unemployment

Allow me to show you a microcosm of conservative dishonesty at play.

First: While the Wall Street Journal is perfectly satisfied to criticize Obama for being ideologically inflexible and for job market participation rates, they decide not to mention that Obama actually cut public sector jobs, as Krugman has pointed out. Bush, meanwhile, by 2006 had actually increased the number of public sector jobs. The “big government” line has always been a lie: Republicans love big government.

Second, and more importantly: The Wall Street Journal upbraids Obama for 350,000 people leaving the workforce (as if those people all must have been grousing about Obama specifically and every factor that caused that must have been his fault instead of Republican lawmakers’ or Bush’s). But then they derisively dismiss “roads and bridges” as a real strategy for job creation, even though infrastructure improvements could create 2.2 million jobs.

There are real criticisms of any President’s economic policies. It’s impossible to satisfy all stakeholders. But ideological conservatives are never willing to be honest. They continue to propose trickle-down solutions even as decades of evidence show that they just do not work to resolve poverty, instead of considering how it might be possible to cut taxes or deregulate while still satisfying every other stakeholder besides business. At least they sometimes pretend to care about jobs and employment… when it’s politically convenient.


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