Response to Glenn Beck

(A response to Glenn Beck’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GlennBeck/posts/10153607044338188?fref=nf)

The fact that these events are what led Glenn Beck to give up, instead of the war in Iraq or mass inequality or police brutality or the Trayvon Martin decision, is pretty illustrative of how much conservatives insist on their exact world and their exact preferences or they will quit and cry. We on the Left have battled for decades, being called Communists and suspected as traitors, and this is what he thinks makes America beyond salvation? What a quitter.

#1 cites one event. To call this an “outlier” would be charitable.

#2 is a deeply partisan and idiotic formulation of what just happened. It ignores Iran’s concessions, it ignores the threat we pose to Iran, it ignores the entire history of the Middle East, and it ignores a wide bipartisan agreement by experts that this is the best compromise.

#3 refers to what is almost undoubtedly a hoax or a video taken out of context, which Beck repeats because his idea of journalistic honesty was apparently learned from a Crackerjack box. But even within his worldview, the LEGAL things that Planned Parenthood are doing makes some people disturbed, so they are trying to make it… more comfortable for other people? Icky things are a part of medicine. Tough choices are a part of life. The anti-PP crowd are showing absolutely zero moral fortitude. Funny from people who then insist that we need to make tough choices about bombing countries.

#4 indicates that there is something deeply wrong with the military and the occupation of Afghanistan. Beck supports both those things and so does FOX virtually without exception. So he is a liar trying to win political points, and I’d be willing to bet that that soldier might be perfectly willing to punch Beck too.

#5 has nothing to do with America, except for what he rightly points out as America’s lack of interest in justice and the hypocrisy of American churches. Will this lead him to actually truly criticize those churches, or try to create a foreign policy that has a realistic chance of changing that? Of course not. Because he’s a liar.

#6 pretends that the worst thing that’s happening in the world is ISIS, when Beck himself lists how something awful is happening in Afghanistan because of our money. If Beck had the slightest moral integrity, he’d worry about how to stop atrocities we could easily stop, instead of talking about monsters we happen not to support. Worse, Beck pretends to have some kind of deep wisdom for anticipating that invading Iraq would lead to chaos and Islamist nutjobs running around… in 2010. Gee, I seem to recall that I and everyone else who could see clearly said that in 2003.

#7 indicates that our immigration and asylum policy is completely fucked. Will he begin to push for a more just immigration policy to allow people fleeing poverty and tyrannical regimes to come here? Of course not. Because Glenn Beck don’t give a fuck.

And all of this reinforces a totally false idea that it is Muslims who are threatening Christians and that Christians are in the most peril globally. That is simply not true. So Beck’s list is all dishonest and all implies policy trajectories he rejects for absolutely no reason, but it’s also incomplete. A lot of other tragedies could go onto that list, including a lot of atrocities we directly cause. If he were honest, for example, he might admit that ISIS was an outcome of our invading a country illegally and backing a Shia-dominated government. But he won’t do that because he doesn’t give a shit about any of these things, no matter how many crocodile tears he cries.

The fact is, I do recognize this country. Moral paucity in this country is nothing new. So if Beck and others are aware of it now, all I can say is “Welcome to the club”. Like the Tea Partiers who woke up to the idea that big government might be scary after PATRIOT, Iraq, Afghanistan, Snowden, CIA and military torture…

When we keep wondering why we don’t make a positive difference, good people do soul-searching. Bad people blame everyone else. Glenn Beck is the deepest, truest example of a hypocrite, up there with the Kentucky clerk he undoubtedly supports.


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