An Open Call to Basic Honesty from “Men’s Rights” Douches

“Men’s rights” folks, do me a favor:

Next time you want to post some shit about how “Men get screwed in custody disputes” as if that obviates 24 cent on the dollar wage disadvantage and 2.5-to-1 or 5-to-1 underrepresentation by women in numerous fields, make an argument as to how women could even in theory be at fault.

Remember, since women have not been in charge historically for, gee, the last several millennia in most societies, you’d have to prove that somehow they could get these matters of policy or value through.

And don’t just say “Feminists did it”. Point me to the feminists advocating for unfair standards in custody cases, or the court system, or any institution. Point to their successful campaign to actually convince judges or prosecuting attorneys or whomever else, or to get a law passed, that has this discriminatory outcome.

Otherwise, admit that MEN IN CHARGE decided to screw OTHER MEN in pursuit of their political agenda, so that the problem remains men… in charge. Not women. Not feminism.

I have yet to see a single one of you guys do this, so I’m not holding my breath.

Footnote: Though it should not actually need to be said by any feminist, male or female, I am not stating that men are intrinsically brutal, violent or really anything. Men qua men are not the problem, but masculine, patriarchal culture that has brutal, short-sighted, uncompassionate, destructive values and political priorities. And this culture is not the only problem, but must be understood along with racism and white privilege, classism and capitalist values and institutions, straight supremacy and homophobia, and political power, militarism and statism as forming the basis of the oppressions the majority suffer under.


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