Privilege Parable #1

Two men are digging holes. They both want to plant a tree to beautify their neighborhood and free their family.

One of the men looks at the other man’s hole when they take a break to grab some water and says, “Wow, that’s much smaller than mine. You must be slacking, dude”.

The other man says, “No, your shovel is better. I just grabbed the one I had and it wasn’t very good”.

The first man says, “Oh. That’s fair. Let’s try to get you a better shovel then”.

Neither man feels that their effort has been insulted. Neither man thinks that their family has been insulted. The first man doesn’t call the second man a lazy parasite. They both tried as hard, they just had a difference in terms of what advantages they had to work with, so of course one man did better.

This is, of course, how neighbors who love each other behave.


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