Iran and the NPT

So Netanyahu is prominently opposing the Iranian nuclear deal.

What’s so frustrating about all this isn’t the suspicion that the Iranians could be dangerous. That’s fair enough. It’s not even the hypocrisy that Netanyahu, representing one of the most armed states in the Middle East, is acting as if Israel is helpless against Iran. If Iran got nuclear weapons, that would only give it parity with Israel, which everyone knows is nuclear-armed thanks to us.

What’s frustrating is that no one in the West seems to be talking about Iran’s rights under law.

(I use the Huffington Post link because it’s the easiest one to find: There’s much better sources of course).

Iran is a signatory to a treaty that means it has the right to develop civilian power, without needing other people to give it uranium. While I would support fissile material regulation (and so would pretty much every country besides the US and Israel), Iran really has no obligation to negotiate whatsoever. Meanwhile, the US does have a disarmament obligation under the NPT which we are emphatically not following.

So a leading violator of international law acts like another country that’s actually by and large in compliance (at least on the front of nuclear power) has a duty to negotiate with them, unilaterally, instead of, say, the UN… And no one in the media in this country seems to be capable of identifying why all of that is a problem.

We have a natural trajectory as a species to think in terms of our group, our nation, our class. But we’re going to have to hold everyone to a higher standard or else we really will face nuclear war.


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