Nemtsov and Hypocrisy

The apparent political assassination of Nemtsov is another incredibly scary sign out of Russia.

It’s well known that Putin has destroyed civil society in a really systematic way. And Michael Weiss pointed out two nightmarish things on a CNN interview recently: That it’s fairly clear that the killer will never be brought to justice due to the system (both the media and the government) having already blamed Nemtsov for his own murder and crafted a narrative where the regime is innocent; and that, as bad as Yeltsin and the oligarchs were, Putin may be worse. It is pretty telling that there can be an assassination of such a public figure and there may never be anything resembling true justice.

If protests continue against Putin, this move may have been incredibly unwise, though, which does beg the question if there may be some foreign involvement.

In any instance, while Nemtsov certainly deserves to have attention for being in all likelihood a martyr killed by a corrupt regime, I’d like to remind everyone that there are human rights workers fighting against US-backed regimes and injustices that die and do not receive this attention.


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