“Thanks to Him”: Mormons, Propaganda and Self-Loathing

“Thanks to Him, my past doesn’t have to hold me back”.

I get the sincere feeling behind this Mormon propaganda. Sometimes, we need a little help. Sometimes, our past can feel so restrictive that it may seem to require a miracle to act against it.

The problem is that it, again, reinforces a narrative of helplessness. Only someone else can solve our problems. Give your heart to them and they’ll fix everything.

That idea has been at the core of quite a lot of the damage that I have encountered. Whether it was a woman feeling that way about a man she loved, a person becoming trapped by a religious group, or any other pathological relationship of misbegotten authority, the source of the problem was this idea that the individual needed special and external help because of their worthlessness. The loathsome cognition that people are below love and redemption without some kind of external power (especially some kind of magical and supernatural power) is so utterly against Jesus’ ministry that I can’t imagine how this ideological contaminant has sullied the clear waters of our minds for so long. (Maybe because it’s such a good idea if one wants to act as the proxy for that external power and therefore, like the Church, monarchs, demagogues and states have throughout history, gain temporal power from this spiritual concept?)

The whole point of Jesus calling on those without sin to throw the first stone was not to say, “Everyone is contaminated and below love”. It was to say, “Everyone’s flawed, so let’s try to stop judging and start caring”.

No one should have their self-esteem or sense of worth bullied by anyone, especially not a church.

No one needs the Mormon Church, or a lama, or LSD, or a miracle to escape their past. They just need hard work and, sometimes, a helping hand in the real world.


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