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Third Elephant Journal Article

My third Elephant Journal article has been published.

This was one of the most naked pieces I’ve written thus far, as is the next article they are publishing.

I have generally tried to avoid talking about myself historically. I like to discuss issues from a universal perspective because I always felt my passion about the issues would be indicated by the fact that I had brought them up and took the time to discuss them with care to details.

It’s a difficult trajectory: How to be accountable to our personal limitations, while also being good scholars and focusing on the universal; how to talk about ourselves without being fatuous; how to make analogies from our own experience without dismissing the different experiences of others.

It’s one I navigate every day, especially given my own tendencies towards egotism, arrogance and vanity. (Though I was somewhat happy recently to be told by a friend that Pride would not be my sin: Gluttony would be).

Tomorrow, there will be an article on Skillful Means about the “trauma buffer” for PTSD and rape trauma sufferers (as well as anyone who has been forced to bunker down for long periods of time and not work through their experiences).

Thanks for reading!


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