State of the Union and the Republicans

So it appears that Obama made some fairly extreme agenda points in his State of the Union speech, which everyone knows is pretty much gamesmanship to try to distinguish the Democrats from the Republicans (after the Democrat’s strategy of “Be Republicans that sound nicer” hasn’t been working in midterms).

And one thing that pretty much everyone agrees is political dynamite is the idea of raising taxes on the top 2% of earners (amongst other things including a lot of loopholes and eliminating some deductions) to get the deficit down.

So, remember: Any time Republicans posture that they have concerns about security, or about the deficit, or entitlement spending…

Every one of those things is secondary to making sure that the rich have to pay anything like they might in any other industrial country, or what they had to pay during some of the years of America’s greatest prosperity.
The Republican party is the party of class warfare that would rather protect the most powerful people on the planet than, say, human survival.

Just so that’s clear.


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