Hobbies and Changemakers

Hobbies are important.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been playing Sentinels of the Multiverse more than my traditional gaming hobby, tabletop roleplaying. We’ve been designing heroes, villains and environments so we can try new experiences.

Many of the people in my gaming group are either training to become or actively are, as part of their lives, changemakers. People concerned with either the healing of the mind or the body.

There are times that I am at a table talking to people and I always wonder if there is some gap between me and the rest of the people there. If I’ve spent my day working through a trauma of torture or helping others cope with some kind of political event that is tough to swallow, it can put me into a place where I feel like I’m in a different world, just sort of faintly talking through.

But plenty of people feel that way. During serious depression, it can feel like someone is buried alive, just barely managing to talk through the dirt. Schizophrenics and autistics have a fundamental experiential gap. And I’ve come to realize over time that my normal experiences are also not the norm for others. That I have experiences as a daily occurrence that many strive for years to have just a precious few times.

So when I, and the other people in my group who are changemakers, come to the table, we no longer have to be the counselors, or the reporters, or the cops, or the political writers, or the support group leaders.

We can just be the people who are playing a superhero card game. We can be the dudes nerding out about Marvel. We can be those guys who fight Transformers in a tabletop setting.

It’s vital for those of us who want to change the world to remember that we are still people with hobbies, people with friends and families. We want a world of people, not automata. We want a world where people are free to play a board game and have no greater implication or darkness outside the room.

Let’s get it.


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