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Bill Maher: Part of the Problem

So, Bill Maher can be a dick, and this is an example:

The amount of shit wrong in this five minutes is staggering.

He implies that fear of Islam doesn’t contribute to Muslims being bombed and killed. In Maher’s world, no one died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And he offers one of the most infantile arguments on the planet: Disagreeing with people vociferously is against free speech.

No, it isn’t. Calling some a bigot isn’t terrorism. Disagreeing with someone strongly enough that you don’t want them on the air, and using your dollars and speech to accomplish that goal, isn’t government censorship. It’s free speech.

Yes, of course we should be careful about boycotts, about our speech, about our criticisms, because people can be silenced and intimidated by private action, but it’s still not the same as the government stopping someone from speaking.

How cowardly he thinks people are, to say that people can’t talk because some left-wingers call them bigots. (Maybe he should read some more Stormfront literature and see how silenced they are).

It’s our obligation to be able to speak even when we’re afraid of other people disagreeing. Other people have
no obligation to protect us from hurt feelings.

The marketplace of ideas includes poisons. Saying that isn’t fascistic.

And Bill Maher’s atheism lets him dismiss the humanity of millions of people.

Bill Maher: You’re part of the problem.


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