Depression and Light: Arrow and Charlie Hebdo

So. Arrow Season 3, Episode 8, just hit me in the gut. There are times when the superhero mystique works against itself, but there are times where it serves to give people a real jolt. This is one of them.

Last night, because of the Charlie Hebdo attack, I felt very drained and inhuman. It’s extremely difficult to quantify the feeling one gets from such a distant and yet horrifyingly familiar thing. It can certainly make one feel that the universe is capricious and random, and people within that universe do not live in a greater moral universe.

But the fact that it hurts is because there’s a light within us, and it’s up to us not to let it get dimmed.
Sometimes, we walk out into the night depressed by the world and there’s no great epiphany to liberate us. But last night, after I walked, I forced myself to watch some television and play some games so I would go to bed with a smile, and it worked. And that’s worth something.


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