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Frankl and Me: Suffering and Meaning

There are definitely times where my work, even as it currently is, is incredibly rewarding. I am able to research a host of topics and learn all sorts of new pieces of information.

One of the best events that will occur to me is when I see someone who vindicates and at the same time rounds out my approach.

To wit:

In my manifesto, “Invulnerable Belief”, I stated,

“No one resents pain that they endured for their family or their country. We don’t look back on those moments where we suffered for the people we love and think, ‘What a waste’. Maybe those pains will haunt us, but put in the same situation, we’d do it again.”

Frankl, a psychologist who survived the Holocaust, searched for meaning and answers as a result of the apocalyptic visions he saw. He concluded the following in his seminal Man’s Search For Meaning:

“In some way, suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds meaning, such as the meaning of a

In the New Year, I hope eagerly that more people find the meaning that will liberate them from suffering.


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