Balloons, Sadness and Self-Centered Perspective

As I walked around the property, I saw two birthday balloons, deflated and in a corner. I instantly began to think like a poet: “Deflated birthday balloons / milestones lost, years passed”. Who knows how long they had been there. (In all likelihood, given that they hadn’t been shredded by animals or the elements).

It was a bittersweet thought…

But why?

Because from MY perspective, those balloons were in the past.

From my perspective, it was something that had transpired. It was a beautiful moment, torn apart by entropy.

But that’s my choice to view it that way. It’s actually an emblem for a beautiful moment that did in fact happen, no matter how I may have been feeling.

Even when we’re not aware that we’re making the choice to view things that way, from our little tower in the cosmos, we are in fact making a choice. We have a natural tendency to see sadness in moments that have passed rather than remembering that those moments were once experienced at that time in the past in a positive way.

There’s enough tragedies out there for us not to look for any more.


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