Soccer Is Not A Battlefield, Assholes

To dickheads like Dennis Miller and other asshole conservatives who keep on talking about how soccer isn’t hockey and soccer players faking injuries and what not:

Shut the fuck up.

A sport isn’t measured by the degree of injuries people get when they’re playing it. People shouldn’t need to get bones broken to be able to play in a sport that’s fun.

And even if it were, you know who would be able to talk any shit about injuries?


A hockey player might be able to say something to denigrate soccer players based on the relative degree of injuries in the sports. Even then, I’d say that they would also need to have played soccer so that they would have the ability to actually compare for themselves the degree of exertion and the unique challenges. I bet soccer at the highest levels is pretty exhausting.

It’s like morons who dismiss what car racers do. Yes, it’s not athleticism in the same sense as football or rugby, but it takes not only incredible technical skill but also immense stamina to do any competitive driving. Mario Batali loves NASCAR, you can respect it.

Sports should not become the newest part of the culture battles. What’s next, what TV shows only liberals should watch? What pizza toppings are for conservatives? Jesus.


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