The Weak Correlation between Education and Wisdom

Of all of the broken, messed up, irrational, hurt people I have met, who have made terrible and stupid decisions, some were high school dropouts. Some were college graduates. Some had masters degrees. I bet I’ll meet broken Ph. Ds.

I have also met people who barely completed high school who have real wisdom.

I know people who could argue with me about Kant and deontological ethics, or Mills and utilitarianism, and yet they still do the same shitty, selfish things that people who can’t write a treatise about Don Quixote can.

It’s obvious (indeed, a cliche) that wisdom and intelligence, integrity and knowledge, education and morality, are not the same thing, Socrates’ wisdom aside. But I had always hoped they were at least correlated.

In the 21st century, we’re going to have to find a way of educating the soul. It’s a project as old as Plato, Jesus and the Buddha.

If I had an answer for what that way was, I’d say it. But I do think we might finally as a species be able to create that pedagogy of the soul in the coming years.

(If you don’t know what pedagogy means, don’t worry; it doesn’t really matter that much).


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