Don’t Let Negative Feelings Beat You

If there’s one piece of wisdom that I have found holds true both for my work with others and for my creative work, it’s this:

There is nothing worse than being controlled by our negative feelings.

Doubt, fear, sadness, shame, guilt, being worried that others will judge us… they are real feelings and they are very useful to us, properly understood and processed.

But there are few better feelings in the world than being able to look at ourselves in the mirror and say, “I didn’t let my fears, my weaknesses and my pains beat me”.

Working creatively is exhausting, as is my work with others. But every time I realize that I could be taking an emotional risk in hearing a horror story, or providing aid, I know that I am being authentic to who I am and who I strive to be.

And, while in the moment where we don’t do something because we’re too afraid or we don’t embrace some good experience because we’re too sad the relief is immediate…

There’s no bigger regret than backing down from who we want to be because of the worst parts of who we are.


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