Psychotropics and Sledgehammers

As I look at the sea of pain that the human condition swims in, I’ve seen something that I am realizing distresses me.

Virtually every one of the people I meet who takes psychotropic medication of any kind, I will ask, “Oh, did your professional suggest group therapy and support group approaches? What about humanistic therapy? Cognitive-behavoral therapy? Rational-emotive behavior therapy? Did they try to help you find a way that you could direct some of your feelings in a healthy way?”

I am usually worried about the answers.

Psychotropic medication is a gift of science. It is a tool, and for many medication is a huge aid for a healthy and happy life. But I have found that psychotropic medication is basically a sledgehammer. There are far more refined chisels.

So what we seem to have done is, when faced with the pains and difficulties of people, chosen to use a sledgehammer every time and not even try the less intrusive tools.

In other words, we’ve constructed a situation where the only people who are guaranteed to gain are the sledgehammer companies.

Food for thought.


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